Kwame Brown is a producer making a name for himself within the industry. Originally from Ghana, the producer lived in different places his entire life.

Surprisingly, Kwame has spent time in the UK and Saudi Arabia before finally arriving in the USA. This has enabled the producer to gain insight into various cultures around the world and exposure to music trends across many countries and continents.

During his time growing up, Kwame was deeply interested in technology and music; his close influences ranged from musical legends such as:
Q-Tip, The Neptunes, Kanye West, 9th Wonder, and Just Blaze. All incredibly talented producers in their own right. Kwame operates within many genres, including Hip Hop, RnB, Lo-Fi, 80’s retro synth, and commercial tones. Kwame is not an artist that can be boxed into a single genre; his versatility as a producer is too far and wide. He possesses the rare ability to excel within whatever direction he chooses musically, which is a credit to his skills as a producer.

He is recently honing in on more soothing electronic vibes that provide easy listening to his many listeners. The mellow tones that Kwame brings offer the perfect blend of inspiration and escapism, with soft yet unorthodox beats enticing the ears of his close fans and followers.

Focusing more on this new sound this year, the producer has many exciting new projects lined up. The first of many is his latest release entitled: “Breath Easy Darling” a stunning track that incorporates a range of emotions and tones with electro piano chords, guitar melodies, and gentle percussion, which is a record that simply needs to be heard.